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I am an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER ®, Certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. ATP® helps me to channel/communicate with the angels and spirits, along with deceased loved ones (mediumship). They will always communicate in love, and answer the questions that are in your heart.
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....Shelley gives a powerful and energetic reading. Always loving and inspirational. Thank you for your generosity of my channeled angel reading. I would recommend this to anyone interested in bringing about more unconditional love into their life! Sincerely, Pat S. (New Jersey)

."...I have a clear vision of the future of our world, and it is very positive. I see everyone listening to their angel's loving guidance and becoming more peaceful, healthy and happy as a result, as a former psychotherapist, I've found that talking to our guardian angels is the quickest route to attaining inner peace and happiness. Their healing abilities exceed all of the human-made therapy methods. I learned during my university training and clinical experience. My prayer is everyone takes time to hear their angels..."
-Quote from "How to Hear Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue, Phd.
Every person has at least 2 guardian angels with them - no exceptions- from birth to transition to heaven, who love them unconditionally, make sure they are safe and guide them. Then there are angels who are beings of light who come to us in times of need, guidance, protection and comfort. Overseeing both of these angels are Archangels who are called upon when needing powerful and immediate assistance. No need is too small or bothersome, your call is like music to their ears. There are also Spirit guides who are generally deceased loved ones who have received special training after death to help you with general advice, comfort and at times protection and warnings.
Quote from "How to Hear Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue, PhD
Seminars, Workshops, Angel Card Readings and Angel Communication Certification information can be found under our "Self Discovery" button at the top of the page. Angel Readings can be done face to face, over the phone or via email. Paypal and Gift Certificates are available.

Love and Light!

"Shelley is a gifted and spiritual reader and healer. Being a sensitive reader to my feelings and concerns, I was not sure what I was hoping to find out-- yet she was able to tune into my Angels and clearly relate the messages they had for me which resonated with what I was experiencing at the time. I have also had my cords cut in a time of need, she has a very real connection with the Archangels that were working with her while healing me. I could feel the presence of the Angels within her energy and her touch. It was truly rejuvenating to feel the release of my cords being cut. Being someone I trust, I have Faith in recommending her to anyone else that is coming to her for any type of healing work. She is an amazing and loving person, one that truly has the Highest Good set within her intentions. Much Love, Katherine Houston, Texas"